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The Potawatomi Casino Hotel

potawatomi casino hotel milwaukee

The Potawatomi Casino Hotel

The Potawatomi Casino Hotel is an imposing symbol of an American style Indian village built in the Art Deco style. In some ways, it is no different from other Art Deco styled buildings built by firms that specialized in building such buildings. However, the key difference here is that this building represents an ethnic group, and it was one of the first and biggest hotels in Milwaukee that is both ethnically and historically accurate.

Built in 1955, the hotel has been widely regarded as a success since it has become a grand stand for such complex. Today, it has stood for years without a single renovation since its foundation.

The Potawatomi Casino Hotel was modeled after several other hotels that had followed an Art Deco style. The lobby, to name one, is modeled after the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Seattle, Washington.

The lobby houses a number of examples of ethnic style. The counter tops are decorated with Native American patterns and even more so the marble columns and windows. The flooring is original, with geometric patterns of turquoise blue that create a striking contrast.

The lounge, which stands just outside the lobby, features mahogany panels on the wall that features Indian designs of circles and squares. The gold and red colors of the walls blend nicely with the different pieces of furniture such as wood and iron chairs. For the opulence of the interior, the paintings are in mahogany that have been well taken care of.

In order to create this historic ambiance, the hotel has installed marble mosaics, which add up to the ancient look that the area has. The stone wall tiles are replicated using various shades of gold and red.

One can find the necessary items needed to add such an appearance inside the hotel, such as rugs, vases, decor and the like. However, the sets for walls are no exception. From the intricate river rocks, to the waterfalls and the leafy vines, there is plenty of originality in this setting that can add to the overall ambiance.

The Potawatomi Casino Hotel represents a great time for those who like such architectural styles. However, it is also significant because it stands as a great sign for any tribe to preserve its heritage. More importantly, it stands as an inspiration to be used in other areas in the coming years.