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Potawatomi Casino Bingo

Potawatomi Casino Bingo is a common and popular game played on the reservation. It is still one of the oldest forms of gambling in North America, where Europeans first encountered Indians when the fur trade was beginning to increase.

potawatomi casino bingo

Today it is played mainly by the Old Order, Southern Plains Indians. The game has been modified to allow the Indians to play their favorite games with no dependency on whistles or lights. They play in the dark, because it is a game that requires the use of eyesight.

The object of the game is to knock out the other players by hitting numbers correctly. Players must hit six figures to win. There are also categories in which the numbers will be classified. One group might have more numbers than another group.

In each category there are special cards that increase the odds of hitting a number correctly. These cards may be represented by special corn cutters, trowels or kettles. These are among the most popular items in the game and the most valued. While playing the game, the Old Order Indians is trying to look for these special cards in order to pay the high jackpot.

The potawatomi casino bingo is played on a rotating table. The player whose name is called gets to keep the ball until it is knocked over by the other players.

Luck often decides a game of poker. This game is different from others since it requires sight as well as the ability to count. The cards are dealt on a single card table that is pulled apart to make two sets of cards. Each player picks up a card at random and holds it in their hand until it is revealed to them. Blackjack is another of the many games that are included in the potawatomi casino bingo. Each card is dealt in pairs. In a pair game, the player must strike three cards out of a hand of five cards. No pairs of cards can be struck.

There are no mandatory bets and none of the players bring any money into the game. That is the way that the people of the reservation began to play, it was a social activity.